From dance performances to comedy shows and a capella concerts, Event Management has many spaces to accommodate your needs.

The Event Management staff can assist with coordination of the appropriate venue and audio-visual components.

Performance Space Guidelines

  • Performances must take place in a performance venue
  • Rental fees are assessed for all reservations, including rehearsals; in locations where rental fees apply
  • Requests for pooled classrooms as performance venues may be considered if no performance location is available.  Suitable pooled classrooms are Seigle L006, Simon 1 and Laboratory Sciences 300.

Rehearsal Guidelines

Our guidelines for reservations state that each group is allowed six hours of  space per week; however, groups can book increased time, as space is available, one month prior to any performance or show.

  • Pooled classrooms can be reserved for dance rehearsal after 4 p.m. on Fridays and any time on the weekend.  Once classrooms are open for reservation, dance groups can only book classrooms for rehearsal space after confirming that there are no classes happening near that room.
    • DUC 233 and 276  can be reserved for dancing; beginning at 4PM on Friday and any time during the weekend.
    • Please note that rental fees are assessed for all reservations, including rehearsals, in locations were rental fees apply.