Room Setup

While setting up a room for an event, users of Event Management spaces must adhere to specific guidelines. Any space must be returned to their standard set once the event is complete.


All decorations must be approved, prior to the event, by the Event Management office. Please note restrictions to the use certain materials in reserved spaces:

  • Nothing may be affixed to any wall, wood, furniture or painted surface by using putty, wire, tacks, staples, tape or any material that will harm the finish.
  • All rehearsals and performances that require tape on the floor must use non-residue (blue painter’s) tape. All tape must be removed immediately after each reservation period. No tape may be left on the floor overnight. Clients will be billed for removal of any tape that remaining after their event.
  • Helium balloons are not allowed in any space unless approved by an event coordinator one week prior to the event.
  • Glitter or confetti of any kind is not allowed in any space.
  • Open flames are not allowed in any space.

Housekeeping & Room Setup

An event coordinator will assist with the housekeeping details for all Premier and Standard spaces. For Danforth University Center Meetings rooms (excluding 276 and 234), clients must contact WFF directly for furniture and cleaning services if desired. For rooms that allow clients to self-set, the room must be returned to standard set as indicated on the diagram in the room. Clients will be billed for any room that has not been reset.

For information regarding rental furniture desired for events, please contact your event coordinator. Not all spaces allow rentals. All furniture (tables, chairs, couches, etc.) must remain within the space unless written permission has been granted by an event coordinator to store the furniture. This permission must be obtained at least one week prior to the event and is not an option for many spaces.

Events with an estimated attendance of over 100 people may be required to schedule a post-clean of the space.