Umrath Lounge

Capacity: 28-150

Umrath Lounge is located on the main level of Umrath Hall on the Danforth Campus. This room serves best as a lecture space, banquet room, or large meeting space.


Service Level


Seating Capacity

Empty Room

Standard Set

Space Options

Umrath-Standard-SetStandard Set: Empty Room (no tables or chairs at all) Fire code = 150 Umrath-Dinner-for-96Maximum seating for a buffet dinner: 96 (with dinner served from within the space) Umrath-Theater-Style-for-150Maximum seating for a lecture:  Theater-style for 150 (facing west) Umrath-Theater-Style-for-150-facing-South-ModelMaximum seating for a lecture: Theater-style for 150 (facing south) Umrath-Hollow-Square-28-Layout1Hollow Square for 28


150 upholstered chairs

Eighteen 66 inch round tables

Eight 6 foot x 30 inch tables



1 wired podium microphone

1 full-height microphone stand

2 table-top microphone stands

2 wireless handheld microphones

4000 Lumen projector with screen

Inputs for projector in the front and side of the room

HDMI cable for computer and audio input 
Fits a PC, and client must provide the appropriate Mac adapter

RCA inputs for DVD player in the front and side of the room

iPod input in the front and the side of the room

Control panel on front wall to control volume, shades, and source (Computer or DVD)

Additional Equipment

Wired handheld microphones (total of 3 wired inputs available in the room)$20 for two
Panel Discussion Package (includes up to 8 tabletop microphones)$100
Blu-ray playerNo Charge
Technician set up and tear down$30
Staffed by a technician$30/hour
Staffed by a technician if scheduled within 2 weeks of the event$40/hour

It is advisable to request any necessary equipment as soon as possible and no less than 48 hours in advance. Equipment availability is not guaranteed. Please contact your event coordinator to discuss the use of non-university AV companies in this space.

Reserve this Space

Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance.