McMillan Cafe

Capacity: 49

McMillan Café is located within McMillan Hall, originally the University’s first women’s dormitory, on the Danforth Campus.


Service Level

49 (fire code)

Standing Capacity

Empty Room

Standard Set

Space Options


Standard Set: Empty Room Fire code 49


Hollow Square for 28


Banquet for 48


Fourteen 6 foot x 30 inch mitylite tables

50 upholstered chairs

Fourteen 48 inch round tables


Wireless handheld microphone

Wired podium microphone

iPod connection

Flat screen presentation display

HDMI and VGA connection

Self-service rentals may be available via Harvey Media Center Media Rentals. It is advisable to request any necessary equipment as soon as possible and no less than 48 hours in advance. Equipment availability is not guaranteed.

Please contact your event coordinator to discuss the use of nonuniversity AV companies in this space.

Room Notes

Clients may set up the room themselves. All items must be returned to their proper place prior to the end of the reservation time to avoid an emergency rate post-clean.


Space Guidelines

Rental Rates