Washington University in St. Louis – Campus Life invites off-campus guests and university affiliates to utilize our facilities throughout the Danforth Campus for personal and community events. 


External Non-University Events During Academic Year

August 1st – May 31st

During the academic year (August 1st through May 31st) non-university / external events require sponsorship by a Washington University department.

This offers Washington University departments an opportunity to host external non-university groups on campus to support their community initiatives or outside organizations.

  • All non-university group events would require a department  to sponsor / host their event on campus.
  • All fees are billed directly to the sponsoring department through the university billing system.
  • Non-university events that are sponsored by a department will receive a discount/reduction in the rental fee. The rental fee will be 50% of the “Non-University / External Events” listed on the rates page: https://eventmanagement.wustl.edu/rates/
  • The department who is sponsoring the non-university event, supplies support to the non-university group when Event Management deems appropriate or necessary. This includes, but is not limited to on-site staffing.
  • Event Management will coordinate with all vendors and provide appropriate event coverage as needed.

You can begin your sponsored non-university event by working directly with a respective university department between August 1st & May 31st.


External Non-University Events During the Non-Academic Months 

June 1st – July 31st

During the summer months (June & July) we welcome external events to the Danforth Campus from across the globe. Non-university / external events during June & July do not require sponsorship by a department or university recognized student group. 

Many of these events include: conferences, workshops, retreats, reunions, galas, fundraisers, discussion panels, lectures and more! Washington University in St. Louis welcomes the community to the campus for your next event! 

External event organizers will work directly with an Event Management coordinator who will oversee the logistics and planning of your entire event. Our department manages dozens of premier and standard level event spaces, as well as, pooled classrooms. 

The event spaces range from a 320 person capacity space to 10 person classroom / meeting space. A majority of the spaces offer in-room AV equipment and the ability to customize the layout of the space. 

As part of your rental we will coordinate with you and your team to find the right space to fit your needs. 

Rental rates for external events can be found here under “Non-University / External Events”: https://eventmanagement.wustl.edu/rates/

You can begin your non-university external event planning, for the months of June & July by contacting our Associate Director of Event Management, Phyllis Jackson

If you are planning a summer conference / program and require conference services – please reach out to Washington University Summer Programs and Conference Services team.

Memorial & Celebration of Life Services

Washington University is honored to host your memorial or celebration of life service in the beautiful Graham Chapel on the Danforth Campus. 

Phyllis Jackson, Associate Director for Campus Life will work directly with you learn about your vision for the service in Graham Chapel. 

Graham Chapel can seat over 700 guests, offers a vibrant display of stain glass windows, a rich 100 year plus history on the Danforth Campus and is centrally located. 

Memorial and Celebration of Life Services honor the story and life of our loved and our team is here to assist you with telling that story. 

We are unable to offer funeral services on campus, however, we would be honored to host a memorial or celebration of life service for you loved one. 

You can begin your memorial or celebration of life service planning by contacting our Associate Director of Event Management, Phyllis Jackson.

Wedding Ceremony & Receptions

Whether you and your fiancé first fell in love at Washington University in St. Louis or you are a member of the community looking for the perfect location, we are thrilled to be a part of your special day.

Wedding ceremonies are held in Graham Chapel throughout the year on Saturday and Sunday. Graham Chapel is perfect for intimate ceremonies of all sizes.

If you and your fiancé are looking for space to hold your ceremony we invite you to learn more about the wedding application process by visiting our wedding page.

Once you have read through the wedding page, if you have questions, you can reach out to our wedding event coordinator.

Wedding Ceremony & Receptions

Indra Russell

Indra Russell


Indra manages all Danforth Campus events hosted by staff & faculty and coordinates all weddings held in Graham Chapel. This includes: staff / faculty event request review, coordination of services and campus partners, layout and design of events, policy & guideline review.

Memorial Services & Summer External Events

Phyllis Jackson

Phyllis Jackson


Phyllis serves as the main contact for all non-university events taking place on campus, as well as, sponsored events hosted by faculty, staff and departments at Washington University in St. Louis.

In the interim, Phyllis manages all student group events.