Graham Memorial Chapel

Capacity: 100-750

Graham Memorial Chapel

Graham Memorial Chapel was gifted to Washington University in St. Louis by Christine Blair Graham as a memorial to her husband, Benjamin Brown Graham. Graham Chapel was dedicated in 1909 and is now used for concerts, plays and the university’s lecture program, the Assembly Series.


Service Level


Seating Capacity

Theater for 750

Standard Set


Graham-Chapel Floorplan


Large podium

2 pedestal podiums

1 large high-back chair

4 large low-back chairs

1 double kneeler

2 short (2 foot high) pedestal tables

2 tall (3 foot high) pedestal tables

25 stacking padded chairs

Two 3 foot x 3 foot over-pew tables

Music Stands

Steinway Grand Piano

Two candelabras that hold seven (provided) candles each

One unity candle holder that holds two taper candles and a large unity candle (unity candle and tapers not provided)

Space Information

Graham Chapel seats 785 people.

The main level contains 27 rows of pews on either side of the aisle.

Each full row seats approximately 10 people for a total of 540 seats on the floor.

The middle aisle is 42 inches wide and 105 feet long.

The balcony seats 210 people in individual padded chairs.

A second entrance and elevator is located on the North side of Graham Memorial Chapel.

Restrooms are located on the lower level of the Chapel and can be accessed by the elevator or either staircase.

The green room is located off the northeast corner of the Chapel.

A private restroom is located just inside the green room.

The basement of Graham Memorial Chapel, which has a large restroom with mirrors, is the most common area used by brides prior to their ceremony. This space is not private.


Organ Usage

The Graham Memorial Chapel organ is available for use. The preferred organist is William “Pat” Partridge; however, you may bring in your own. Pat manages his own fees. You may contact him at the following phone number for information and scheduling: Christ Church Cathedral, 314-231-3454.

If you are interested in bringing your own organist, there is an approval process that must be started no fewer than six weeks in advance of your event date. Please call or email your event or wedding contact to start this process.

The organist requires an assistant who will watch the processional and act as the “eyes” for timing. Your event or wedding contact is not responsible for this role.

4 microphones – choose from:

  • Wired podium microphones
  • Wireless handheld microphones
  • Wireless lavaliere microphones (headsets or tie clip)
  • Wired flat top microphones (limit 2)
  • Wired podium microphones (limit 2)

4 Full-height microphone stands

4 Tabletop microphone stands

iPod/MP3 player connections

Additional Equipment

Video Screen Package

  • Projector
  • 20’ x 20’ ceiling-mounted screen
  • DVD player
  • 3 microphones
  • 3 hours of tech time
  • iPod connection/VGA input from balcony or stage
Choir Microphones$50 each

Wireless Microphone Package

  • Up to 4 wireless microphones
  • Set up/tear down and 2 hours of tech time
Staffed by a technician$30 per hour
Staffed by a technician if scheduled within 2 weeks of the event$40 per hour

Additional microphones

  • No more than 8 total
  • Limited number of wired and wireless channels available
$35 each

Please work with your Event Coordinator as early as possible for all audio/visual needs.  Requests less than 2 weeks in advance are not guaranteed.  Non-university AV companies are not permitted in this space.

Chapel Notes

Food and beverage are prohibited in Graham Chapel.

Other than for communion elements, alcohol is strictly prohibited anywhere on the chapel’s premises.

Learn about using Graham Chapel as a wedding ceremony space.

Exclusive to:
WFF Housekeeping Services.

Space Guidelines

Rental Rates

Reserve this Space

Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance.