Underpass Panels

Available Panels: 24

Located in the tunnel connecting the South40 to the main Danforth Campus of Washington University, the Underpass Panels are a vibrant way to advertise upcoming events and promotions for students, faculty, and staff.


Event Management offers 24 paintable panels for reservation. Underpass reservations begin on a Saturday and run for one week (Saturday-Friday).  Underpass panels may be requested for two weeks at a time.  Underpass reservations are available from the first day of class to the last day of class (last day of programming) each semester.

NOTE: select the date of the Saturday on which you would like your reservation to begin.  For a single week’s reservation, DO NOT attempt to select a recurrence.  No other days will show as available.  By selecting an available Saturday, you are securing a reservation for that entire week (Saturday-Friday.)  If you are requesting two weeks, you will need to select two Saturdays only using the recurrence button in Reserve-A-Space.

Underpass panels must be painted either Saturday or Sunday when the paint room is open.  The paint room will NOT be open any other days of the week.

Student Union groups will be given priority for underpass reservations.  University departments may request an underpass panel two weeks before the reservation is to begin as available.  University departments must provide their own supplies.

The panels at each end of the tunnel and the large 3 dimensional shapes are not available in Reserve-A-Space.  For information regarding the use of these panels, contact pr@su.wustl.edu.