Bowles Plaza

Capacity: 25-250

Photo of Bowles Plaza, an outdoor reservable space

Edward Bowles Plaza is a large reservable patio area and an outdoor amphitheatre located between Mallinckrodt Center and Umrath Hall on the Danforth Campus.


Service Level


Area Capacity

Open Courtyard

Standard Set


Bowles Plaza-floorplan


Built-in ampitheater

Limited outdoor seating


No audio-visual equipment is provided with this space.

Self-service rentals may be available via Harvey Media Center Media Rentals. It is advisable to request any necessary equipment as soon as possible and no less than 48 hours in advance. Equipment availability is not guaranteed.

Please contact your event coordinator to discuss the use of nonuniversity audio-visual companies in this space.

All amplified sound must comply with the Washington University sound policies.

Room Notes

Please reserve an inclement weather location and work with your event coordinator to create a secondary plan; last-minute revisions may not be possible without a plan already in place.

No furniture is provided with this space; any necessary tables, chairs, etc. will need to be rented from a third party vendor.

Space Guidelines

Rental Rates