Levels of Service

Event Management offers three levels of service and venues to clients: Premier, Standard and Self-Service.

Premier Event Spaces

In Premier Spaces, Bon Appetit is the exclusive caterer (except Lopata Great Hall, Rettner Gallery and Tisch Commons) and WFF Special Services must be used for all setup and teardown services. For all external groups, Bon Appetit is the exclusive caterer in all premier and standard spaces.

If the event serves food or beverages or if the event is larger than fifty people, a post-clean is required, which will be provided by WFF Special Services. Event coordinators work closely with all premier space events to ensure quality and thorough attention to detail.

Premier Event Spaces include:

Standard Event Spaces

Standard spaces offer clients the option to choose their own caterer or provide their own food; however, all food service must comply with university guidelines for food distribution.

If the event serves food or beverages or if the event is larger than fifty people, a setup and teardown services will be provided by special events services. Otherwise, clients may also choose to set up and tear down rooms themselves. Event coordinators work with each client to determine the appropriate room setup for the event.

Standard Event Spaces include:

Self-Service Event Spaces

Self-service event spaces allow for clients to choose their own caterer, self-set the space with the included furniture and use provided audio-visual equipment without coordination with an event coordinator.

In these spaces, it is expected that the rooms will be returned to their standard sets and trash will be removed by the client. If set-up or post-clean services are desired, the client should contact WFF Special Services directly to coordinate their services.

Self-Service Event Spaces include: