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Student Media Services (SMS) provides basic audio and video equipment to Washington University students, staff, and faculty for non-class activities. SMS rents audio and video equipment from a centralized location for a minimal cost.  If you would like to rent a package, please click here to open the form. If you have any issues accessing the form, please call the Danforth University Center & Event Management at 314.935.5234

Projection Packages:

 Basic Projector Package-$60 (LCD Projector, 5x5 Screen)

Projection Package with Laptop-$80 (LCD Projector, 5x5 Screen, Laptop Computer)

Personal Movie Package-$100 (LCD Projector, 5x5 Screen, DVD Player, Speaker)

Large Movie Projection Package, only in Tisch Commons or Holmes Lounge and only tech run-$400 (LCD projector, 9x12 Screen, DVD Player/Cable Tuner, mixer, Speaker System, Screen Skirt (optional-additional $50), Set-up/Delivery, 2 hrs. of Tech. Time, additional time can be purchased)

TV/DVD Package on Moble Cart, DUC only-$50 (42" TV on Moble Cart, DVD Player)

Audio Packages:

Fender System with Standard Wired Microphone-$65 (Fender Speaker System, iPod Cable, One Wired MIcrophone and microhpne cable)

Fender System with Wireless Microphone-$75 (Fender Speaker System, iPod Cable, One Wireless, handheld microphone)

Fender System with Wireless Lavalier Microphone-$75 (Fender Speaker System, iPod cable, One Wireless,  Lavalier Microphone and reciever)

Fender System for Panel Discussion-$150 (Fender Speaker System, iPod Cable, One Wired Microphone and Cable, 8 table top microphones)

Additional Wired Microphones can be added to any package for $15/Microphone

Additional Wireless Microphones can be added to any package for $35/Microphone

Additional Full Height Microphone Stands can be added to any package for $7/stand

Additional Table Top Microphone Stands can be added to any package for $5/stand

Video Cameras:

Video Camera (SD System) $40 (Video Camera, Tripod)

Video Camera (HD System) $50 (Video Camera, Tripod)

Please note that these packages DO NOT come with tapes. 

Conference Calls:

Standard Polycom Confernece Call Telephone-$25

Video Conference with Standard WebCame-$50/hour (Laptop Computer with Microsoft LifeCam, setup, Tech Time to start event and to train users)

Studio 350 Video Conference Package-$100/first hour and $50/each additional hour (Polycom HD System, Studio 350 space, Tech Time to train users and start event)

Filming Services:

Video Production Package-$300/he + $75/per recording hour (Capture of video and audio and 1 DVD of footage)

Adobe Connect Capture-$300 + $75/recording hour (Setup and Capture Adobe Connect Meeting Session and send recording Link to Client)

Broadcast on Special Events Channel-$250 first hour $100/per each additional hour

Time Lapse Video-$500 for one week of capture or less, $1500 for a month of capture



Damaged or Lost Equipment:


 The rules herein are part of the terms and conditions of loan:

 Equipment is for Washington University student/faculty/staff use only. Anyone who uses equipment shall be fully liable for their loss, theft or damage.


  1. All borrowers must inspect the equipment and be satisfied that they are in good working order before the checkout. Any fault(s) during inspection shall be reported at the time of checkout. Borrowers who forgo or fail to inspect the equipment at check-out do so at their own risk and shall not be excused from fault(s) identified during check in.


  1. Borrowers who report lost or stolen equipment where the original cost is more than $500 must submit a police report. In the case of theft, the police would submit a summary of their investigation; indicate the manner in which the theft was carried out, who had the opportunity to commit it and whether security measures are adequate. The summary would be presented to the School for further action.


  1. Depending on the degree of negligence of the borrower, for lost or stolen equipment, the borrower shall pay up to the DUC & EM assessed value for replacement.


  1. For damaged equipment, the DUC & EM will inspect the equipment for assessment whether the fault(s) is caused by fair wear and tear, manufacturer’s defect or by operator error/neglect/mishandling. Damage caused by the borrower’s negligence or mishandling shall be attributed to the borrower.


  1. Damage associated with accidents shall be assessed as follows :


    1. where the cause of the damage is not due to the careless action or neglect or a person or entity, such as, acts of god like lightning and natural occurrences, replacement/repair charges may be waived.


    1. where the cause of the damage arise from the borrower’s careless action, neglect full replacement/repairs costs may apply.


    1. where the cause of the damage arise from the carelessness/neglect of some other person (other than the borrower), the borrower shall recover full replacement/repair costs from the other party. The borrower shall remain in the possession of the equipment during the term of his/her loan and the borrower may not assign, transfer or delegate any of his rights and obligations.


  1. Where the Damage was assessed that the equipment as not repairable, full replacement costs may be charged.



  1. Basis of charges for damages and loss


    1. where the equipment is not repairable, full replacement costs to be charged.
    2. where the borrower is fully liable, cost recovery so as to have a working unit of the equipment, either by repair or replacement and without the school funding any part of the repair or replacement.
    3. where repairs would restored the equipment to good working and dependable condition and economically worthwhile over replacement, repair charges apply otherwise replacement charges apply.
    4. Replacement charges will be computed based on the higher of fair market value or residual value.
    5. Fair market value would be the price the school pays to purchase in the retail market for an available same model of similar age or the equivalent/replacement model where the damaged model is no longer offered in the current retail market. Equivalent/replacement model will be determined by the school based on similar product specifications. Second hand equipment purchased in the open market may be subject to servicing fee to assess the condition of the replacement for acceptance.
    6. Residual value will be computed based on straight line depreciation method on the purchase costs plus taxes and the remaining useful life of the equipment.

To make a reservation for any of the above packages, please click here, if you have trouble accessing the form please call the Danforth University and Event Management at 314.935.5234





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