Event Management


Space Usage
  • Please review the space-specific guidelines provided on each space’s webpage.
  • For proper event coordination of Holmes Lounge, Graham Chapel, Tisch Commons, or any location that will serve alcohol, reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance.
  • Clients must adhere to all university policies and procedures.
  • Event Management reserves the right to prohibit clients, attendees and other contractors from booking or servicing the reserved space if stated guidelines or procedures are violated.
  • Clients will be held responsible for any damages related to their event.
  • Events must not interfere with patrons of the University or other events within the area.  This includes adherence to the University Amplified Sound Policy.
  • Security needs will be assessed by the Event Management team on a case-by-case basis.  The client is responsible for any fees associated with this requirement.
  • Supplies, decorations, signage, or miscellaneous event items may not be stored in the reserved space before or after the event.
  • Contact information for reservable spaces not managed by our office can be found via the University Space Directory.  
  • Classrooms are not available for reservation until two weeks after the beginning of classes each semester and will not be confirmed until two weeks after classes have begun. 
  • Reservations for pooled classrooms for Fridays after 4 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays will be accepted beginning Aug. 1  
  • General body meetings and weekly meetings are reservable by semester.
  • Recurring rehearsal reservations are limited to six hours per week in all Danforth University Center & Event Management spaces. Rehersal time can be increased for groups with scheduled performances. To schedule increased recurring rehersal time please contact your event coordinator. 
  • Spaces are not available for reservation on the following days:
  • New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day
  • Other than weddings in Graham Chapel or events in the Danforth University Center, personal events for students, staff and faculty may only be requested during non-academic times of the year: winter break and summer break.
  • Space Reservation Timeline:
    • In order to facilitate a fair and equitable space reservation process, the following timeline should be used when requesting space with our office. Please note that any reservations made outside of the requested time frame will be cancelled and will need to be resubmitted.
    • The first business day after Spring Break, student organizations, departments, and offices can request recurring meetings for the following Fall and one time annual events for the following academic year. 
    • The first business day after Fall Break, student organizations, departments, and offices can request recurring meetings for following Spring. 
    • Recurring Meetings are able to be reserved by semester only.
  • Sponsoring an external group on the Danforth campus offers an opportunity for departments to support community initiatives.  Below are guidelines to consider prior to committing to sponsoring an outside organization.
    • All fees are billed directly to the sponsoring department through the on-line University billing system.
    • Rental fees apply to all external groups. Departmental sponsorship offers the opportunity of a 50% fee reduction.
    • The sponsoring office supplies support to the external group when deemed appropriate or necessary.  This may include, but is not limited to, on-site staffing.
    • Event Management will coordinate with all vendors and provide appropriate event coverage as needed.
  • All cancellations must be received in writing no less than three days prior to the event. 
  • To cancel a reservation, email your event coordinator (if applicable), or reply to the email confirmation received upon booking 

In your cancellation request please provide the following:

  • Add "CANCELLATION" to the subject line
  • The reply should include the reservation number (ex. 2011-AADNOP) and the contact information of the person requesting the cancellation. 
  • If you no longer have the original confirmation, please send an email to your event coordinator or to  events@wustl.edu with the required information including date, time, room and the name of the person who originally booked the space. 

All appropriate charges (i.e. space rental, housekeeping, catering and audio visual) apply if failure to cancel occurs. 

*All Student Union Groups will be subject to cancellation fees reflective of the university administered prices. 


  • All decorations must be approved, prior to the event, by the Event Management Office.
  • Nothing may be affixed to any wall, wood, furniture or painted surface by using putty, wire, tacks, staples, tape or any material that will harm the finish. All rehearsals and performances that require tape on the floor must use non-residue (blue painter’s) tape. All tape must be removed immediately after each reservation period. No tape may be left on the floor overnight.
  • Helium balloons are not allowed in any space unless approved by an Event Coordinator one week prior to the event.
  • Glitter or confetti of any kind is not allowed in any space.
  • Open flames are not allowed in any space.
Housekeeping & Room Setup
  • An Event Coordinator will assist with the housekeeping details for all Premier and Standard spaces.
  • For Danforth University Center Meetings rooms (excluding 276 and 234), clients must contact Aramark directly for furniture and cleaning services.
  • For information regarding rental furniture desired for events, please contact your Event Coordinator.  Not all spaces allow rentals.
  • All furniture (tables, chairs, couches, etc.) must remain within the space unless written permission has been granted by an Event Coordinator to store the furniture.  This permission must be obtained at least one week prior to the event and is not an option for many spaces.
  • Events with an estimated attendance of over 100 people may be required to schedule a post-clean of the space.
Catering & Food
  • Cleanup is required if food or beverages are served. Aramark Billable Services is the exclusive service provider for all setup and cleanup needs.
  • Many Event Management spaces are Bon Appetit exclusive for all catering.  Please check the space’s specific webpage or contact your Event Coordinator.  (All external groups must use Bon Appetite; please contact your Event Coordinator with questions.)
  • Vendors must comply with all University policies.
  • Clients and caterers must remove any leftover food and beverages from the rental space. Leftovers may not be disposed of in the space’s trash cans.
  • Cooking demonstrations and catered cooking stations are only allowed in Tisch Commons, Umrath Lounge, and Holmes Lounge.  Cooking may only be performed by Bon Appetit chefs or an Event Management authorized caterer.  Please contact your Event Coordinator before planning any cooking demonstration or station.
Catering restrictions
  • In the Danforth University Center, Bon Appetit catering is required in the Orchid Room and Goldberg Formal Lounge.
  • In the Tisch Commons in the Danforth University Center,event circumstances may require Bon Appetit catering. Please consult with your event coordinator to determine if this is the case. 
  • In other premier spaces on campus, Bon Appetit catering is required in Holmes Lounge, Umrath Lounge and Women's Building Formal Lounge.
Food distribution restrictions
  • In order to comply with St. Louis County Health Department and St. Louis County Fire Department codes, the following policy was developed:
  • All food served in the Danforth University Center or at vendor tables must be pre-packaged or be provided by a contracted caterer.
  • No full meals can be provided by groups to the general campus population. In order for an event to be considered, it must be submitted through Dining Services and be approved.
  • DUC and Edison Family Courtyard vendor tables may be reserved through the Event Management website.
  • Only room temperature and cold foods may be distributed. Unless contracted through a catering company, food requiring heat for cooking or warming may not be distributed.
  • Groups distributing food must wear gloves and place food on plates or in boxes. Latex gloves can be obtained at the North Information Desk in the DUC.
  • DUC & Event Management or Washington University Dining Services reserves the right to halt food distribution if these guidelines are not being followed.
  • All alcohol served on the Danforth Campus at Washington University in St. Louis must be served by a licensed, third-party vendor. Kegs are not allowed.
  • For proper event coordination of an event in any location that will serve alcohol, reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance. 
  • Undergraduate students and student groups should consult the university’s alcohol policies.
  • Graduate students and student groups should consult the graduate alcohol policy.
  • Wireless internet is available in all DUC&EM-managed spaces.
  • Events taking place in select Premier Spaces will include technical support from your Event Coordinator and/or require a technician on-hand.  Please discuss all AV needs with your Event Coordinator at least two weeks prior to your event.
  • All audio visual equipment provided in classrooms, meeting rooms, and Standard spaces is self-service.
  • Self-service rentals may be available via Student Media Services.  It is advisable to request any necessary equipment as soon as possible and no less than 48 hours in advance.  Equipment availability is not guaranteed.
  • Amplified sound usage is limited to the hours of 12-1pm and 5-10pm daily.
  • Location and volume of the amplified sound will be regulated by Event Management to ensure the least amount of disruption to those in surrounding offices.
  • As of July 1, 2010, all Washington University campuses are Tobacco Free.  Smoking and the use of all other tobacco products is prohibited on the entire campus, including parking lots.
  • In accordance with Washington University campus policies, no animals, except service dogs, are allowed in any University building. 


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